If you are into your jeans then you have probably heard of G-star Raw- a very well known denim brand. If you love the brand and wear glasses then you need to listen up because they will be launching an unisex eyewear range which are super cool, exactly what you would expect from a G-star Raw Eyewear collection. They come in both optical and sunglasses styles in material such as metal and acetate.

Just like the clothing range the G-Star Raw Eyewear range has kept to the brands passion which is craftsmanship and the “industrial” approach. They have translated their passion into an eyewear range by using visible construction details such as exposed screws and the industrial stamping of the code on the outside of temple and of course, the colours are kept quite muted to keep in line with the brand.

G-star Raw Eyewear

G-star Raw Glasses

G-Star Raw Eyewear Preview

As you can see from the photo above the shape is bold and all the lines are really clean cut- again that is to go with the brands industrial feel.

G-star Raw Eyewear

G-star Raw Sunglasses

Personally I quite like them but with the industrial feel of the design I am finding it hard to imagine they will appeal to many females especially since it is supposed to be an unisex range. Nevertheless for the first EVER G-Star Raw Eyewear range I like them, they do scream statement but maybe the shapes are a bit masculine for my own personal taste. However, maybe if I try a pair on they will look different!

If you are interested in the range then you will need to stay tuned because they are not due to come out until January 2014.  I know at the moment that seems a lifetime away but that is all the information I have got for now so I have no idea how much they cost etc.  You can keep checking on their website or even easier… as soon as I know I will let you all know via either twitter or Facebook so follow me! Twitter is @MyGlassesAndMe and Facebook find me on MyGlassesAndMe.