Well it’s Friday the 13th and it was day one of London Fashion Week SS14. So what did I get up to? Well naturally because the blog is all about eyewear I am nowhere near as busy as other fashion bloggers who have to attend many, many fashion shows.  I only have to attend shows that are relevant to eyewear. However maybe designers really should start taking eyewear onboard more and include it within their collections- just an idea.

Well before I hit London fashion week I popped into Taylor Morris HQ for an interview with Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris about their eyewear range. You need to check out their range and I will of course be writing up the interview for you. I will be putting the full interview in the MGAM Magazine (Oct, Nov, Dec) issue along with a preview write up on the blog so please, please keep an eye out for that because it is a highly exciting interview and the passion that comes out of the guys is incredible.  I am so excited to see the next collection.

Interview with Taylor Morris Eyewear

Interview with Taylor Morris Eyewear

In the photo of course the boys were wearing their own designs- why wouldn’t they?! For the second part of my day I went to meet fashion designer Jorgen Simonsen at one of the venues for London Fashion Week. It is a static show where all the press get the chance to have a chat with Jorgen about the eyewear range he just did for Osiris which is exclusive to Specsavers.

The interview with Jorgen will be written up and I have probably asked him the questions you all want to know such as, why does a couture designer like himself design a brand that is sold in Specsavers? You know all those sorts of questions but it really was a brilliant interview and so interesting to hear his thought process behind it all.  Like me he has a passion for eyewear because he also believes eyewear should be a fashion accessory. Most of all what a lovely guy- so kind and genuine and he LOVED the MGAM magazine, yeay!! Yes I gave Jorgen my magazine and also the guys at Taylor Morris 😉

After chatting to Jorgen I was having a beauty chat with the girls at HDbrows- you know what… I never knew there was that many ticks for the perfect eyebrows and I will be letting you all know how to get the perfect brows for that perfect frame! Trust me there is A LOT to perfect eyebrows-seriously! stay tune.

Finally I did street style but today I learnt it is tricky to take photos whilst it’s raining and trying to hold an umbrella! When I ditched the umbrella to take photos my glasses lenses got covered in rain drops pretty quickly. It wasn’t a great experience for me and if it is raining tomorrow I may have to consider getting some wipers fitted to them!