Over the weekend was probably one of the weekends I was most excited about because I was having a reunion with my uni ladies. TEN years ago in October I started uni at UCA or back then it was known as K.I.A.D and 10 years later we were back in Kent to follow all the footsteps that we used to take. Everyone felt really at ease and it felt like we never went away, us four ladies were together and we were walking round in all the familiar places. We had a shop around then in the evening we went out for a boogie in our uni hot spot- it was a crime not to!

We went to all the pubs we used to go to which were still all the same, then ended up in a club we ALWAYS used to go to but that has changed. They took away the cheese room!!! It was the room we used to live in! It was a rather sad moment for us all but nevertheless my uni mate Kate has bought us all a special little present for us all to wear for the night and they were right up my street…

Me and Janine

Me and Janine

I gladly accepted the challenge and worn my for most of the night until it hurt a bit and some boys kept trying to take them of our faces and I got a bit angry! What do we think peeps- were Janine and I rocking those pink heart shape glasses with yellow pair on our heads!? All I can say is I will not be rushing to buy myself an actual pair of heart shape glasses in a hurry however for fun is fine by me 😉

It was such a great weekend and we were all very sad it had to end. We were looking back at all the things we used to do and where we are in life now. You know what… we all agree that 10 years later we are all so much more sure of ourselves and have become the confident ladies we are now and bloody hell I am married! I am the first one to be married as well, out of us lot so anyway yes, it was a real special weekend where more memories were made and here is to the next 10 years. Peeps, there is something I have learnt in the past 10 years and that is treasure the good friends that you have around you and ditch the useless, nasty horrible ones because life is too short to make space for people like that.

To my lovely uni ladies… you know who you all are and if you are reading this post then thank you for being great friends and here is to the next 10 years!