It is here again, the start of press day season where all the PR’s showcase what is coming in for Spring/Summer 2014. Today I have attended my first press day of the season which was for TaskPR, they look after Hardy Amies and I love the frames anyway so it’s a crime if I didn’t go along. To be honest when it is start getting a little colder (like now) it is always nice to see what is coming ready for when the weather gets warmer- just to remind myself it will get warmer again. Hehe.

Before I hit the TaskPR press day I had to do an interview with a uni student who has based her final project on fashion and eyewear which I thought was something really interesting, definitely something I like to give my opinion on. I hope I gave good answers and they have helped her to complete her final project, I do remember what it was like to be a uni student.

So what has Sir Hardy Amies got in store for us in SS2014…

Hardy's Amies 2014 collection

Hardy Amies 2014 collection

The colourways are probably a bit more muted for my liking for Spring/Summer 2014 but the shapes are still great and sticking to what they know best which is designing frames that are classic, timeless pieces.

However, the sunglasses range were rather exciting I thought,. Using a real mix in materials along with strong bold shapes which make them proper statement pieces and wow, I love their revamp’d version of the classic aviator style.

Hardy Amies sunglasses

Hardy Amies Sunglasses

I don’t think the photo is doing them justice but the rim is actually thicker than a normal aviator style which I thought worked really well and I love the shape of them aswell- they are much more cut in down the side than a normal aviator style but it works.

Basically the collection didn’t disappoint but the optical range is probably not for me, simply because I love colourful frames however that is just my opinion. If you like your frame to be understated and timeless then I think Hardy Amies is definitely worth a look for you because like their clothing range, (which the optical frames do tie in rather nicely with) they are classic heritage pieces.