Way back in late August on a rainy but warm summers morning I was at a photoshoot with the Metro. For my overseas readers the Metro is a free newspaper that is dotted all around the different cities in the UK so it is a HUGE honour to be a part of this photoshoot. Today on 10th October 2013 the photoshoot has finally gone to print! Yes, if you are from the UK and read the Metro today then I am indeed the 29 year old eyewear blogger. It was quite a surreal feeling to see the paper in front of me with me in it! I read the Metro all the time whenever I am heading out to London so it does feel odd.

The photoshoot is a Specsavers campaign to raise the profile of eyewear and fashion, hence it is called “street style” . Let’s face it glasses are slowly becoming a fashion accessory and they are just like any of your other accessories really. I was very privileged to take part since it is something I feel quite passionate about and of course being an eyewear blogger I do live and breathe eyewear.

MyGlassesAndMe the eyewear blogger featured in the Metro

MyGlassesAndMe the Eyewear Blogger featured in the Metro

Why I’m an Eyewear Blogger

After the photoshoot I had to answer a few questions just about myself, what I was wearing and what I do and of course I was more than happy to say I am an eyewear blogger. ┬áThe Metro team were rather interested in that because they all thought it was something different, they asked me, why eyewear? It’s a simple question for me to answer really because I have been wearing glasses from a young age and having worked in fashion previously I strongly believe eyewear should be acknowledged as a key fashion accessory.

By the way I can confirm it is 100% true that during a photoshoot the lenses are popped out to avoid any kind of reflections. So on the day of that photoshoot I was actually wearing contacts and I guess that is why my wedding photographers told me not to wear glasses if I can! There we have it, the fashion secret is out!

Finally thank you Team Metro and Team Specsavers for having me, it was great fun and I want to do it again!