Halloween is literally just around the coner and I have done couple of posts relating to Halloween before such as pretty eye masks and bat shaped sunglasses. This time I am taking it to the next level and concentrating on optical glasses that are suitable for this spooky time of the year so you are halloween ready with just a spec.

Why did I pick these glasses? Quite simple really because the colour are just perfect. We have a blood red and bright orange for a pumpkin feel. Then we got 2 frames with special finishing which add to the spooky factor.

Halloween Special

Halloween Special

Oh and I thought since it is all about glasses and focusing on the eye I thought we can add some extra spooky factor by adding some fun sticky tattoo around the eye area. I always had a fancy dress policy and that is if you are going to do it, you GOT to do it properly and go all out otherwise no fun and just lame.

I think I can confidently say there really is a frame for all different occasion but you just need to open your eyes and see. Think outside of the box, it is all about being adventurous and having fun. Enjoy a spooky Halloween WooOoooOOooooo!

I am sure it is not too late to get your hands on a pair these spooky theme glasses just check out the link below… click and buy!

Cutler and Gross Red Frame www.cutlerandgross.com

Cutler and Gross Smoky Blue www.cutlerandgross.com

For Ralph Lauren and Dolce Gabbana Frame check out www.davidclulow.com or call 0844 264 0870

Accessorize stick on tattoo uk.accessorize.com