Last night was the pride of Britain Awards and who saw all the red carpet looks and which celebs attended? I did! However on a more serious note The Pride of Britain awards are an annual event celebrating achievements from some extraordinary people living in our society and they are people from all walks of life which is what makes it so special. It is to celebrate ordinary people who have gone above and beyond to help others and it is always an inspiring event to watch.

Some of the biggest names in showbiz, sports and politics attend to give out the awards so it really is an amazing event to acknowledge these amazing people who have gone the extra mile. All the celebs of course will be walking the red carpet and whenever there is a red carpet you know there will be many stunning outfits for us to drool over but one celeb in particular really caught my eye. That is Tom Fletcher from Mcfly- why? Because he was practically the only specs wearer there!

McFly at Pride Of Britain Award Photo from

McFly at Pride Of Britain Awards Photo from

He sure stood out from his band mates wearing those rather cool round specs! Boy bands are always supposed to look similar in some way but I love the fact that he is the only one wearing glasses and they really suit him. The funny thing is he always wanted to wear glasses but never needed to until one day his optician said “yes, you need glasses”. Since he is such a glasses fan I wonder how his glasses collection is looking and what brands does he wear?

Anyway the photo above is from and to check out all the celebs and their red carpet style from last nights Pride of Britain Awards then do head to their website.