It is October but apart from halloween it is also the month for breast cancer awareness- Think Pink. Every year around this time you may see your friends on facebook with really random status such as “I like it under the table” but it is nothing sexual, it is just about where you would like to leave your bra or purse. So if you ever wondered why all your friends on facebook started to broadcast where they like to have sex then you are wrong and you dirty lot! Ha!

October is breast cancer awareness month and me being a female I do worry what if I have the dreaded C word? My mother once had a cancer scare too back in 2010 and a VERY good friend of mine (my gay husband’s) mum battled with breast cancer and won but it was a long hard battle. So this dreaded C word definitely touched my life at some point and I do worry about it. I also took part in Race for Life to raise money for the charity because it has effected people around me. One day this dreaded C word may effect me too- I hope not but who knows? So since it is Think Pink month I am doing this blog post to hopefully give you all ideas to wear something pink in October just to show your support.

Think Pink Month

Think Pink Month

I have of course been wearing my pinkish/purpley glasses and I think for next year I really should just go for it and invest in a proper pair of pink glasses! I always go for a red or purple colour. If you are not a huge fan of pink then there are many shades of pink to chose from so hopefully there will be something for everyone so you can show your support.

If anything above tickles your fancy then please check out the links below…

Glasses from Cutler and Gross

Hat & skirt from

Bag from

Oh and if I were to change my facebook status it would be “I like it on the chair” I leave my purse and sometime bra on the chair. hehehe. In the mean time have a great weekend all. Mine will sure be a crazy one with a 10 years reunion with my uni ladies 😉