Tonight I went along to a launch event of a new woman’s empowerment project called “What I See?”. It focuses on what women see in their reflection and I got invited to go along.  Why did I go you may ask because it has nothing to do with eyewear. Well not entirely…

This project raises many questions within ourselves and it really got me thinking as society now days does put a lot of pressure on how we look. How about if we go deeper and look further into our heart… What do we see then? This project touches my heart because from a young age when I started to wear glasses I was very conscious of it and got called names, it made me feel less attractive compared to other girls who didn’t wear glasses.

What I See Project

What I See Project

Then when I worked in fashion PR I felt the fashion industry don’t really address us optical wearers either, as if we are less important. We appreciate fashion trends too and want to know what glasses are good with what trends. I have to admit when I worked in fashion I probably worn glasses a lot less until one day I decided to fight back.

Then it was the birth of MyGlassesAndMe. Only when I started my blog I felt comfortable and it was ok to wear glasses because there are a lot of people out there who feels the same as me. As my blog grew, so did my confidence and now I am happy to wear my specs and I wear them with pride so what do I see now? I see a woman who is trying to challenge the eyewear and fashion industry and trying extremely hard to make a success of it and I hope I can get there with your support.

Here is something for you readers to think about “what do you see?” when you look in the mirror? Most importantly do you feel less attractive just because you need to wear glasses?! Now that is the golden question… have a think and let me know. On the other hand if you got a story to tell then follow them and submit your story.