On Wednesday I went along to TaskPR’s press day and as well as staring at the Hardy Amies eyewear collection I was totally memorised by an accessories collection from Malene Oddershede Bach. I was totally in love with the bags, shoes and then there were the sunglasses! OH MY GOD! I am sure I died and went to accessories heaven. Malene Oddershede Bach is a Danish born London based designer and her clothing range is all about using print as the foundation and the shape itself will be anything from structured tailoring to relaxed jersey staples.

I am not going to lie, this is the first time I have heard of the brand but thank you TaskPR for showing me such an awesome designer because I love it especially the shoes and sunglasses. I mean if you want high heels then Malene will give you high heels and if you want statement sunglasses- you will get those also!

Malene Oddershede Bach Sunglasses

Malene Oddershede Bach Sunglasses

Check out these little beauties! Glasses with a visor attached for extra sun ray blockage? Whether it is functional or just aesthetic purposes I think they are pretty rocking! I am totally in love with the pink pair because they have the frosted finishing. Anyway if you are not keen on the sunglasses then I do highly recommend you to check out the bags and SHOES!!! The shoes are a bit sensational and lets face it, if you have got a pair of awesome glasses then you will also need other awesome accessories to accompany them- well that is what I keep telling my husband anyway 😉

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