When I was younger in my teens I was always aware of the brand Red or Dead then I think the brand went a bit quiet but I was always aware their shoes were sold at Schuh and their specs were sold in Specsavers. So what has happened to the brand now? Or more to the point how much do you all know about the brand? Before yesterdays press breakfast my knowledge of the brand was very basic and after the creative director Katie gave us a presentation my understanding was of course much better and it actually made me fall in love a little with both the brand and Katie.

Red or Dead has been going for 30 years and it is one of the first to embrace British humour and street value at a reasonable price. The brand is cheeky, fun and definitely has plenty of humour. It all started with the founders Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway who famously re-imaged and customised Dr Martens boots and sold them at their market stall along with other fashion items. One Market stall quickly turned into 16 stalls then it developed into a brand to what is now known as Red or Dead.

Red Or Dead Boot

Red or Dead Boot

Going back to their customising roots the boot above was a special edition for Company fashion magazine. It is one really cool boot where broaches, loose chains and buttons where used to create it.  However, I would say becareful when you are wearing them incase they get caught on anything 😉  As well as shoes did you know Red or Dead also has a range of swimwear, perfume, clothing, bikes (yes, as in a bicycle) and glasses of course!

Red or Dead Customised Glasses

Red Or Dead Glasses And Sunglasses

Red or Dead Glasses And Sunglasses

Now during yesterday press breakfast Red or Dead told us one massive secret about their new eyewear range that is coming out in April. When I saw what was coming I got highly excited and cannot WAIT to get my hands on a pair. I will now try really hard to explain to you what they look like. Basically on the top part of the frame (on the rim) there are tiny magnets where you can attach different colour strips to the frame so you can customise your frame and of course as we have learnt customising is what Red or Dead does best!

I hope my explanation of the glasses is clear but if not you will just have to wait until April to check them out for yourself at your local Specsavers. By the way another interesting Red or Dead specs fact for you. Did you know that Red or Dead is one of Specsavers’ best selling brands? If you didn’t know, you know now. On that interesting note have a great weekend all and see you back here on Monday!