As you all know last Thursday I was out most of the day on press appointments and one of the brands I mentioned was RetroSuperFuture. I have not actually seen this brand for couple of seasons now, not because I dislike them but simply because I got married and things were a bit hectic. I was really looking forward to seeing them because I have always been a fan of this brand. They just design some seriously cool frames.

So what was my first impression of the the new RetroSuperFuture frames? Pretty DAMN good! They did not disappoint me at all and they were certainly even more impressive than I remember. The shapes may seem similar from season to season but RetroSuperFuture always uses different effects, textures and colours in their frame designs. This season they have even explored further and moved onto metal frames.

RetroSuperFuture Glasses - SS14 Metal

RetroSuperFuture Glasses – SS14 Metal

Now, if you have been following me from day one then you are probably aware I am not a huge fan of metal frames.  All the metal frames I have ever come across are just thin bit of metal which to me, is not a very “statement piece” and I like my frames to make a statement.

However, after seeing these RetroSuperFuture glasses I have fallen in love with metal frames. It has changed my view and I have a real urge to own one, the colour may not be loud, or bold but the thick silver frame really makes them quite unique. I also love the screw details on the corner because it gives them more of a industrial, raw look.

For Spring/Summer 2014 so far they have a square type shape (shown above) and a circular shaped within the metal range. As well as me completely falling in love with the optical glasses I am also totally all over the sunglasses range.

RetroSuperFuture Sunglasses

RetroSuperFuture Sunglasses - SS14 Metal

RetroSuperFuture Sunglasses – SS14 Metal

The sunnies above may just be your ordinary aviator style but the metal panel across the front has turned them into something extraordinary. It adds an edginess taking them to the next level of coolness. Basically I want a pair and I don’t really care if some may think they are too masculine looking. So, how to get your hands on a pair or where can you check them out? Well of course first point of call is to visit their website and I believe in the UK they are available at Liberty London.

By the way one of the reasons why RetroSuper is so cool it is because they are Italian! Lets face it, the Italian’s just make nice everything, leather goods, shoes, cars and they are huge on eyewear.