Last week I was away in Wales for a long weekend because it was my friend’s son’s christening but not for the whole entire weekend otherwise that is one long ass christening. I was also there because I have never been to Wales and wanted to do some sight seeing however, it was ONE rainy weekend with ridiculous wind but it was still a pretty place with some magnificent views.  I can imagine during the summer period it will be a beautiful place to visit.

My friend lives in the middle of nowhere and I don’t even know how to pronounce the place but it was peaceful with no mobile signal however there was wifi which was all I needed. Every morning I would enjoy the stunning views and read the news on my phone and because I have had a busy week before my trip to Wales so I bookmarked a few pages of news that I must catch up on and one of them was this…

Google glass Driver got Ticket From Police

Google glass Driver got Ticket From Police

This particular news piece was from SkyNews and basically a women in America was given a ticket from the police for wearing the high tech google glass whilst driving. So what do we think peeps? This news headline could spark an interesting debate because with the way technology is going it may be a matter of time until all glasses can be developed into some sort of clever device similar to google glass. Then what? Will the law have to change to take this into account or will they just give out endless tickets and fine people?

I do sense with the way things are going (and google are probably already developing the second generation of google glass) the future of glasses maybe something completely different to what we know now. In the future glasses may not just be a medical necessity or a fashion accessory but a must have gadget where they can help us to enhance how we view our surroundings. For example, maybe someone that is colour blind would be able to see colours again.

Who knows what the future of glasses may hold but I do think the google glass incident makes an interesting debate because what if this lady was using her google glass to help her navigate to her destination, would this kind of new tech still be classed as distracting? Personally I would love to try them out so if anyone from the google glass team is reading this please get in touch! I want to try them out and give them a review 😉 hehe.  Worth a try!