I am cheating this week, I am only fitting in 4 blog posts because it has been one busy ass week for me, I am DRAINED. I have been working my little ass off for various writing jobs and I have also been busy babysitting. Right now in the UK it is half term which basically means a week off school so it is probably a nightmare for parents and if you go shopping this week then it is highly likely to see a sea of children. My cousin has got 3 adorable children and like any good auntie I wanted to treat them and thought it was a great idea to look after them and do lots of fun things! In the end I think I have exhausted myself rather than them and I have learnt something new about being a glasses wearer and looking after children.

Just setting the scene, there were 3 of them, one is 7, one is 5 then the smallest is 2. The 7 and the 5 year old I can handle however I do find running around after them is 1) tiring, 2) my glasses just didn’t want to stay put because of the running around and 3) the 2 year old rather enjoyed touching them with her dirty little hands! All in all I wasn’t convinced glasses were a practical thing to be wearing during childcare.

Kiddies and half term

Kiddies and half term

I really do wonder how other mothers cope with their glasses and childcare? If you can share your thoughts that would be helpful and maybe prepare me for when I become a mother at some point in the future? Another thing I found interesting was bath time… they liked to splash water EVERYWHERE, then bubbles get onto the lenses which leave marks of course!

Oh, and not forgetting swimming! I went for the contact lenses option because I don’t swim therefore no goggles and I thought surely you can’t wear glasses to a swimming pool but then, I did see a dad in there swimming with his children, with his glasses on- amazing I thought! Who would of thought looking after children can provide you with more glasses related issues? It is a whole new dimension of life with glasses that I never knew about, yet it will be my future one day soon.

Have a great weekend all and see you back here on Monday!