Today has been a fun day and I have been really looking forward to it. I was getting an education in HD Brows for the next issue of the MGAM magazine’s beauty page. So in Issue 4 (Jan-March) expect eyebrows galore because with us specs wearers we need to take extra care of that area since the face (in particular our eye area) is probably the first thing people will notice.

So what have I learned… well I am not going to go into too much detail because you will have to find out in Issue 4 along with eyebrow tips.  However I can tell you now, getting my eyebrows treated today has been an eye opener because it does get quite technical and looking after your brows are just as important as looking after your locks.

HD Brows - My MGAM Eyebrow Makeover

HD Brows – My MGAM Eyebrow Makeover

Eyebrows are usually such a negated area so I feel it is especially important for us spec wearers to take care of them. I mean have you thought about getting them done in a slightly different shape so it suits your frame better? Have you thought about darkening or lightening them to suit the colour of your frame and hair colour better? If all the answer is NO then like me, you need an education in HD Brows.

The lovely peeps over at HD Brows have given me a complimentary eyebrow treatment today so I could experience it for myself and I have to admit… I think I may start to become an eyebrow addict. I have never had such perfect eyebrows in my life, not even on my wedding day!  It does make such a difference to my appearance. I feel my eyes are brighter, smarter and less heavy which makes my glasses stand out even more! You must read the next Issue of the MGAM magazine for top tips on how to look after your eyebrows.  Also to find out why you all (that also includes the gents!) should join the HD Brows gang because once you have had it done… you will never look back.  In the meantime check out their website here for more info!