Cast your mind back to my Metro Shoot in August, remember those Red or Dead glasses I wore? Well I think those glasses have become one of my favourite frames rather quickly. Then not long ago I was invited to go to the Red or Dead press breakfast where I fell in love with one of their jumpsuits so the PR said to me why not try it and give it a review. I thought to myself… ok then, why not, I shall review my Red or Dead outfit. Today is the perfect day to wear it because I am heading to a press day then off to have a few drinks for my brothers birthday- he is 31! What an old man- hahaha! Sorry bro if you are reading this, you know I am kidding as I am not that far behind you.

Right… first thing first lets go straight to the glasses as I have had those for like 3 months now. The frame itself is very comfy to wear but I am having minor issues with the nose pads (or lack of). However, is not really the glasses fault, it is just my Asian nose being unsuitable for this type of “built in” acetate nose pad. The frames are nice and light and with my extra thin lenses it feels as though I am wearing nothing. A very basic hinge is used but they have used a flexible one which is great because if you are like me who always stretches my glasses apart when putting them on then this is a great feature!

What do you think of my outfit by the way? Black and white jumpsuit with bright purple frames.

Red or Dead Outfit

Red or Dead Outfit

Now, onto the jumpsuit. I actually bloody LOVE jumpsuits, playsuits or as Americans calls them “rompers”. I do actually own a few but I don’t wear them all that often and why I hear you ask? The answer is quite simple really, it is because of the toilet issue! I have always found them extremely tricky when I need the loo. You do have to practically get undressed fully before you can go so like all jumpsuits that is my one and only reservation.

The fabric is very soft and comfy with a slight stretch in it which is great for when you are putting it on and taking it off (including in the toilet situation). However, I think the legs are maybe a bit too tight for me because I work out on my legs fairly often so maybe they are more bulky than a normal girls legs but again, that is my problem and not Red or Dead’s. One final thing I would say is that they are a bit too short on the leg for me and I have NEVER EVER found a pair that is actually the right length for me so Red or Dead PLEASE create a “tall” range 🙂 otherwise they are perfect. I love them and I have had many compliments while wearing them and couple of my friends have asked where I got them from. hehe. Win, win for a girl thats for sure! Wearing the jumpsuit with the specs I was definitely rocking the “cool working girl” look.

P.S they also have pockets! Very important in my book!