If you have seen the news or listen to it on the Radio whilst you work like I do, you may have heard this piece of news! Basically a group of people would like the government to revisit the law relating to your vision and driving. They believe that once you have passed your test and are able to drive an eye test should then become mandatory every few years. By the way this news is UK based so for for my overseas readers, don’t worry it probably doesn’t apply to your country. As you can imagine this news caused quite a stir and a debate followed.

Our eyesight is important especially with driving! It is kind of important to be able to see clearly because as a driver you don’t just look at what is directly in front of you and you need to look at things further away to assess any danger etc.  With poor vision you may not be able to achieve that. At the moment the DVLA guidelines are very loose and maybe almost too loose because they only require us drivers to be able to read a number plate from a certain distance.

Check out this page from the DVLA or alternatively check out this link.

DVLA Sight Guide

DVLA Sight Guide

So what do I think of this law. Well I think it is a good thing because even in a work environment where we may use a computer some employers do offer their employees free eye tests and why? Well, that is to make sure their vision hasn’t deteriorated because it can.  Sometimes it may be so subtle that you may not even notice it, but its there. I do believe now days with almost everyone working in front of a computer that a regular eye test is ideal.

Maybe people need to be educated and understand that when you pass your test (some at the age of 17, which is young), our eyesight is probably continually changing.  It doesn’t mean your sight may still be as good at the age of 21, 25, 30, 35, 40 and so fourth (you get the picture) so yeah, from that angle I do believe it is important to make it a requirement. Sometimes people are naive and don’t believe there is a problem until they are told. This is pretty much the case for me when I had my first eye test. I just didn’t want to believe my vision wasn’t perfect, I thought I could still see most things and I convinced myself that not everyone can see everything clearly. However, of course my eyesight wasn’t perfect, I needed glasses and I needed to be told. So what are your thoughts on this?