Christmas is very nearly upon us so how are all your Christmas preparations coming along? Mine are still coming along… slowly but they might get faster next week. Since becoming self-employed there is one thing I really miss… a Christmas work doo/party or whatever you want to call it and tonight I am kinda having a little christmas gathering with my uni buddies. They all had their Christmas work doo’s and no we are  not meeting up because they feel sorry for me!  It is because it is one of our birthdays!

Tonight we are off ice skating at Somerset House (yes, where London Fashion Week happens). When it was first suggested I thought what a GREAT idea. I love roller skating and I can ice skate however whenever these activities take place I have always been with my husband because he is a really good skater. He used to do extreme skating.  Well basically any sport that involves a hint of danger or death, he is there! So, I am starting to feel slightly uneasy about the fact I am going skating without him and I can totally see myself having a Bambi on ice situation. Knowing me I will probably fall flat on my face, my glasses will fly off then someone will skate over them and break them.

Bambi on ice

Bambi on ice

Maybe my imagination is running a bit wild but I am genuinely concerned as it would go down in history as one of my most embarrassing moments. This brings me to my next dilemma- wear or not to wear glasses tonight? Firstly, I don’t want to break my glasses on the ice (as a matter of fact I don’t ever want to break any of my glasses). Secondly look at poor Bambi in the image above- that could be me!

I have asked my twitter followers to discuss this and the advice was to hang onto the rail and never let go or if I fall make sure I grab someone and take them down with me (that’s a bit mean- maybe?). OR I can strap the glasses to my head. As I am writing this, I am still undecided whether to wear glasses or not.  Don’t worry if I am not wearing glasses I will be wearing contact so I can see! Very important! What would you do fellow specs wearers?

On that note I will let you know how I get on next week, have a nice weekend! Oh and if you are out shopping then good luck! Get your elbows out at the ready!