This blog post was inspired by a friend of mine after I saw her facebook status (I sure love a bit of facebook). Her status really caught my eye because she has been wearing glasses for 27 years only to be told recently by her optician she now no longer needs glasses! Her vision is now pretty much 20/20 once again! I was shocked and VERY intrigued by this, it almost seems a bit bonkers to me but the exact same thing also happened to my friend’s granddad so surely this does happen to a few people. I have spent quite a long time today searching and investigating further.

I came across a story about a guy based in America which was just fascinating! This guy’s dream since a child was to become a fighter pilot for the Navy. In the Navy they require 20/20 vision and he had been wearing glasses since forever so clearly that was not going to happen (dream shattered into pieces) so he considered having laser eye surgery to correct it. That is until he found out the Navy doesn’t take on anyone who has had laser eye surgery due to some of the possible side effects (that may happen after the surgery). These are such as dry eyes, poor night vision, halo’s around bright objects and deteriorating vision.  The Navy simply don’t want to risk their investment because it costs them so much to train a fighter pilot. Fair enough.

Image from eyeglassfactoryoutlet

Image from eyeglassfactoryoutlet

Very interesting! I bet no one knew about that! My husband wanted to be a fighter pilot when he was younger and he does actually have 20/20 vision and now I have read this,  it seems like a bit of a waste and he should of gone for it! However, I may never have met him if he did. So anyway, what happened to this guy in the end? Well he started a training program just for his eyes. That’s right, it is an exercise for your eyes and you can train them like any muscle in your body. The result? Well he passed the Navy eye test! After 3 months or so of training his eyes everyday he worked his way back to 20/20 vision.

What an amazing story! After researching I found the main cause of short and longsightness are the muscles around the eyes loosening so the key is to exercising them in order to rebuild the muscles. All muscles in our body can be worked out so the eyes muscles are no exception! I have found quite a few different exercises online and I am actually going to do it for 3months starting now to see if I can feel my vision improve at all. I would imagine it probably doesn’t work for everyone and I am intrigued to find out if it does work at all? Gosh, imagine my life with no glasses??? THAT would be a bit odd and unthinkable but I am a curious person so I am going to do it for 3months and I will let you know how I get on!

Here is the link to the eye exercise I have found and if you want to give it a shot like me, let me know how you get on 😉