Today’s post is quite an interesting one (I think) and it takes me back to my childhood when my mum always used to nag at me to not read books in the dark. Most of you are probably aware I have a wooden cabin in my garden which I use as my office so yes, I basically work at home. However, today I was unable to work thank you to the UK Power Network having a planned powercut.

In the 21st century we do certainly take electricity for granted. I had no wifi for the whole day and 3G is a bit temperamental in this area so work was pretty much out of the question. So I went back to basics and used pencil and paper to continue planning the next issue of the MGAM mag. As the day went on as it got colder and darker it was then impossible to work. Thats when I remembered what my mum used to say to me…


Oh yeah and this is my current view, they was supposed to be all finished by 4.30 but clearly not, over an hour later and it’s now pitch black. My mum always used to say to me “don’t read books in the dark, it is bad for your eyes”. According to my mum reading in the dark strains your eyes so I want to know from the optical professionals, how true is this?

When I was diagnosed with shortsightedness the first thing my mum said was “I told you not to read books in the dark” so has the childhood me single handedly ruined my chance of having 20/20 vision? Please tell me my mum was wrong so I can say to her “mum, you are WRONG!”

P.S (to anyone who has tried to get a hold of me today and I haven’t responded). This is the reason and thank you UK Power Network For all the inconvenience caused, for not showing up on time and not finishing the work on time, typical!