So here it is, my first post writing for 100% Optical and doing my job as the official blogger. If you missed the MGAM big announcement earlier on in the week you can read here to catch up, just so you know what I am talking about regarding 100% Optical. There are so many reasons why I am so excited about working with 100% Optical and one of them is the amount of cool unique eyewear brands joining and exhibiting at the show. I do attend other optical shows and the biggest ones are Slimo and Mido (sorry to my none optical industry readers who probably got no clue what I am talking about).

I sometimes find many brands from Silmo and Mido are not available in the UK and they are all the pretty cool, unique, niche brands which is a shame.  However 100% Optical will be bringing these brands into the show. Pretty much every week different eyewear brands join and sign up to become an exhibitor.

100% Optical

100% Optical

If you are one of those opticians who wants to see something a little different and buy something new for your practice then 100% Optical is your place! For MGAM consumer readers here are some of the brands that are exhibiting, take note and tell your optician about them so they can keep a look out for you. I am just literally mentioning a handful here which I am excited about because some of these brands are not available in the UK and even those that are available in the UK are VERY hard to find. So remember… check them out, note down the ones you like and let your optician know!

Here are some of the brands to look out for.

Etnia Barcelona



Teka Eyewear 

Ronit Furst