In the fashion world we are all aware some brands do a plus size range and some brands will solely focus on plus size. The latest fashion brand (as announced today on a fashion news site) to join the plus size venture is Spanish high street brand Mango. They will be focusing on size 12- 24 and will be available online as of January 15th 2014 and in selected store from 17th January 2014. So not that long to wait and in late 2014 there may also be a stand alone store of the Mango plus size range.

Now lets all be honest here, there are people out there who may have bigger heads than normal but to be honest with you I don’t know what measurements class as “a big head” but according to my research rugby players are more likely to have a bigger head compared to normal. So with this whole plus size clothing thing it got me thinking there must also be plus size frame and you know what… they do exist!

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There are brands out there who produce wider frames and there are also retailers (mainly online) who specialise in glasses for “big headed” people. I remember during one of my visits to Vision Express doing press stuff I got chatting to the team who explained to me about plus size glasses. It was mind blowing and because I have an average size head and this topic never even crossed my mind but when ever you buy glasses (next time take a look) there are always some random numbers inside. Those are the numbers which indicate the lens diameter, bridge width and arm length. Anything between 50-54 is “normal” (I’m using a 54 currently, just about normal) and anything from 56 onwards is classed as large but in gents styles it is more common to see those sizes.

I am not going to lie, like buying clothes if you know you are a certain size and shape, you should know what will suit your body shape and it is exactly the same with glasses. If you do fall into the plus size head category avoid small shaped glasses like the plague, it will only make your face look even bigger and cause a MASSIVE imbalance. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Go for a larger shape and thick rimmed glasses are always quite helpful too to balance it out.

Check out this site for plus size frames and I love the name of the company… Fat Headz.hahaha! Brilliant!