Remember the other day, on Tuesday 3rd Dec to be exact at the event I dragged my husband to for his birthday? Yeah that Transitions with ic! Berlin collaboration event. No? Not sure what I am talking about or not read it yet? Not to fret, you can read it right here! The event was to celebrate the partnership between the two brands and they were obviously showing us what new things are up and coming for both brands. Now, if none of you have tried Transitions lenses then yes, you are missing out and there is a way to try them out without actually buying them. You can try before you buy just like a dress, shoes and bags.

I had my VERY first Transitions experience back in the summer and straight away I became a fan. Now, this clever lens brand has come up with an innovative way for everyone to have the Transitions experience before committing to buying the lenses. Simply download the Transitions app onto your smart phone . It’s is all free!

Transitions App

Transitions App

How does this app work? A very simple but clever concept and it will definitely give you a very good idea as to what you could expect if you purchase a pair of Transitions lenses. A pair of glasses will appear on your screen and you can walk around in different settings and scenarios to really get a feel of how would the lenses react in different lighting. You can set one lens to normal and the other will be the transition lens so you get to see the difference and how quick the lenses react.

Incase you didn’t know there is more than just one type of Transitions lens. You get the Signature one which is good for everyday wear (the one I have got). Then you get Xtractive which has a darker tint to normal lenses but it is perfect for driving in sunny conditions because the lenses will continue to get darker even if your car window has a UV reflective screen. The Transitions lenses will ensure your eyes are protected at all times by the harmful rays- just clever, clever, clever! This app will give you a taster of all the lenses they do and if you have always wondered if Transitions are for you then here is your chance to try them out for free! Let’s face it, if Transitions lenses are cool enough for Robert Downey Jr  aka Iron man then they are cool enough for everyone- fact!

Want to give the app a try? Head to the iTunes store right here and down load it!