MGAM Sponsored PostThis is the one thing I have been MOST excited about 100% Optical and yes, I am of course talking about the Fashion Hub! Like most optical shows around the world that has a fashion area, it is normally just an area where the higher end fashion frames exhibit but the Fashion Hub at 100% Optical  will be done differently. If you love fashion or always want to know what London Fashion Week is like then this should give you a pretty good idea. The Fashion Hub will showcase 3 daily catwalk shows which are organised by fashion show producer Lindsey Hunt who has over 25 years experience in the field. She has worked with brands such as Missoni, Matthew Williamson and Antonio Berardi to name a few.

The catwalk show is being created in a very innovative way. There will be screens playing pre-recorded fashion shows to accompany the live fashion shows. You can’t quite imagine it? Well then you need to come down to experience it for yourself and tell us what you think. I promise you, it will be different to any other eyewear show’s fashion area and let’s face it 100% Optical have hired a professional to put on this show just for you so you know it will be awesome!

100% Optical Fashion Show

100% Optical Fashion Show

The catwalk show will show case a combination of clothes and eyewear and all the eyewear will be from key exhibitors and all visitors will of course be able to find the frames you like after the show. The fashion show will follow fashion trends from Summer to Winter and there will be 8 key trends to look out for men and women! What a treat for us all.

As for the clothes, well there are many fashion brands who are taking parts so it really will be a proper fashion show and do you want to know exactly what clothing brands are taking part? I’m afraid you will have to wait just a little longer to find out but it will definitely be brands we have all heard off. I am so excited to see this as the organiser Lindsey said ” It is an exciting prospect of bringing eyewear to life on the catwalk” and that is exactly what I would say because eyewear is never heavily featured on mainstream fashion shows.

If you want to know what is happening in the fashion hub then check out the schedule right here.