After last week obsessing over David Gandy’s eyewear choice  during the Men’s Fashion Week (by the way if you missed it he was wearing Bailey Nelson London) I did get totally obsessed with the brand. I have been researching and screaming at anyone from the brand to get in contact and they did,  even the founder himself! Today I popped along to the Bailey Nelson London store just by Seven Dials near Covent Garden and I was highly excited to be invited to chat to the county manager (as the founder is currently away).

My first impression of the store? I LOVED it! Why? Well just because it is not your “normal” optical glasses shop. The layout of the shop is very welcoming, it almost felt a bit like a shoe boutique with the way the glasses were presented, but that concept works. The space wasn’t massive but it didn’t felt croweded, the decor inside is all very neutral with an earthy feel. The use of wooden blocks as display stands were very clever- a simple but a clever touch.

Bailey Nelson Eyewear - Covent Garden Shop

Bailey Nelson London – Covent Garden Shop

It has a very chilled out vibe inside and because the shop is not displayed as your typical optical shop with racks and racks of glasses people do actually stop and have a nose at the window display, just like when you walk past a shoe shop and you stop and hold your breath because those shoes on display are that bloody amazing!- or is that just me… maybe that is just me, anyway!.

Bailey Nelson Eyewear

Bailey Nelson London 

What do I think of the frames? I like them, they are good quality frames using good quality acetate from Italy and all the frames are produced in the same factory as Oliver People (another huge eyewear brand). The frames also uses good hinges with most of the models using the 5 barrel hinges which is very rare in any normal high street chains.

The best bit is… they are £98 which also includes lenses!!! I am NOT even kidding. It is £98 all in however, if you require special lenses such as transitions (or if your prescription is particularly high) then it will cost a bit more. What to know another thing? At £98 your lenses also come with anti glare and scratch resistance which are the extra options most people would go for now days.  Thats right, those are included within that price! Aaamazing!

I genuinely really like the brand because it is about giving consumers what they need. Good quality frames at a very affordable price.  If you like your frames to be more niche and not come from a high street chain then Bailey Nelson London is your answer. They are still very new to the UK market (as in only  like 6months old) but I hope everyone will like the brand as much as I do. It is consumer focused and they already have a small list of celebs buying their frames such as Sienna Miller and the Made In Chelsea Gang so watch this space. This will be the brand to watch!