There is a myth that wearing our glasses all the time can cause dark circles under our eyes and sometimes I do wonder how true this is? I have got a couple of friends who have been wearing their glasses pretty much most of their lives, certainly longer than I have and they are both female so they are extra aware of the “dark circles” issue. I have spoken to them both and they have complained to me that they strongly believe their glasses have caused them some majorly bad dark circles under their eyes and it does look obvious when they take off their glasses. They said they do get enough sleep and they are both fairly healthy people so how true is this myth?

For me, as you all know I started wearing glasses when I was 12 but I did wear contact lenses more when I was 18 because I started my kick boxing class, then from working in fashion I was self conscious of my glasses. So, I would say from the age of 25 onwards I started to fall in love with glasses again and have been wearing them all the time since and I am now nearly 30 (Next month!). Now… personally for me I do feel glasses have caused me to have dark circles under the eyes because I do get enough sleep and I have NEVER EVER have them before. Now concealer  has become one of my make-up essentials.

Looking after your eyes

Looking after your eyes

I have done some research into this and there are very mixed messages regarding this myth. A lot of beauty experts have said dark circles are down to tired eyes and the skin around the area becoming thinner due to age.  Therefore the blood vessel underneath starts to show through the skin which is what makes it look dark.  Then we have people who argue that wearing glasses is tiring for the eyes especially if you do work in front of a computer all day because it does strain our eyes. So my question would be do glasses tire our eyes out more than people who don’t wear glasses? Hence our eyes are more likely to look tired and developed dark circles over time?

The best thing for tired eyes is apparently to use a cool eye mask every night before bed so it allows our eyes to cool down and relax. I got this eye mask free from a Specsavers press event ages ago and I have never used it until last week and now, I LOVE IT! I look forward to putting it on my eyes every night because I do feel my eyes are tired from looking at a computer screen all day.  Maybe wearing glasses does have an impact too?  Who knows? Another favourite in my current eye beauty routine is using the HDbrows Vibe, it is like one of those vibrating plate which you get in the gym but for the eyes and of course much smaller. Every night I use it, I feel it really relaxes the muscles and just eases any tension I have around that area. I highly recommend it 🙂 On that note I am off to treat my eyes. Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday! x

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