Yesterday we were busy eyeing up the gorgeous Essex boy David Gandy at London Collection Men and today is no different. As I was busy trying to find out what the gorgeous model has been up to today (and of course what been going on in mens fashion) from my favourite website Marie Claire. Today as I was nosing at mens fashion I have to say A LOT of the designers have chosen to put glasses on models down the catwalk and in their static shows. Designers such as Saville Row and Hackett have all got some sort of glasses on their male models and the look is very British gentlemen, think James Bond meets Mr Darcy. Yeah, you know what  I mean.

So gents, expect A/W 2014 be a very smart one for you and you may even want to adopt the glasses look too. I don’t know why but glasses do add that “gentlemanly appeal” to men. Clearly it looks like some celebs and David Gandy have already taken on this A/W trend when S/S 2014 hasn’t even arrived yet. During the Richard Nicholl show Nick Grimshaw with his best bud Henry Holland AND David Gandy were spotted sitting together on the front row ALL wearing glasses! Talk about working the spexy look boys!

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I am not too sure what Grimmy and Henry Holland are wearing, however Henry Holland does have his own eyewear range so it could be those BUT David Gandy was wearing a fairly new eyewear brand called Bailey Nelson London and I have been doing some nosing around and you know what, this brand is worth checking out.

Great looking frames, VERY affordable, purse/wallet friendly prices and most off all they seem to be good quality frames- well I do need to check them out for myself and see the frames first hand but from my research they use Italian acetate (they make kick ass acetate) and they use teflon coated 5 sprung hinges. Normally most high street brand only offer you 3.

Basically I am saying go and check out the brand because prices from £98 and if DAVID GANDY wears the brand then yeah, enough said. If you are the brands owner (or the PR for the brand) get in touch with me because I want to see your frames and have a right ole nose at them! I like them and would love to find out more so message me. Thanks!