Today is the day, the first day back at work for everyone after the loooonng festive break and how did you all find it? Wind and rain welcomed us back and everyone is moaning how 2014 is off to a bad start, but not really. We are in the UK so rain and wind is pretty standard during this time of year and if you don’t like it then maybe it is time to consider moving to another country. Although I do feel bad for all the people who are suffering from all the flooding because that can’t be nice. Well it’s the first proper work day back in the office for most people and in the fashion world it is exactly the same, there is no time wasted and straight away men’s fashion week kicked off the new year.

I am sure most of you have heard of male model David Gandy? Yep, Essex boy from Billericay (the next town to where I am currently living). It’s men’s fashion week so of course we can expect to see David Gandy and this morning I spotted a picture of him on twitter posted by Harrods. The very GORGEOUS Gandy was wearing glasses!!! He sure looks dashing anyway but with glasses… hubba, hubba! He will make any girls heart skip a beat or two but for me I would still always pick Bradley Cooper 😉

David Gandy at London Collection A/W 2014

David Gandy at London Collection A/W 2014

I don’t know why but I always feel in male fashion they seem to be wearing glasses more. A lot of looks are created with wearing different style frames and I do feel that is definitely filtering through within the mens fashion but why? Do men look better in glasses compared to women? Are men more comfortable with wearing glasses compared to women? OR is it because men don’t have as much choice in clothes compared to women so they are adding glasses into the mix to create different looks?

If you are a guy I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I really enjoy wearing glasses but don’t get me wrong, there are times when wearing glasses can be a nuisance, like the whole “lenses steaming up” business. In general I do find it more difficult to engage the ladies with the idea of wearing glasses and using them as a fashion accessory compared to men.

So far on this first day of men’s fashion week I have already seen quite a few designers including glasses into their looks for the catwalk and they all look super dashing. So gentleman, for A/W 2014 you may be seeing more glasses coming your way!