As you are probably aware from twitter I am currently in Hong Kong, my home! It sure is good to be back especially since I am here for my Chinese wedding AND my 30th birthday.

It sounds odd but now I have had the Chinese wedding I do feel I am 100% married. I now have the approval of my family and that is important to me.

Want to see my wedding look?


Traditional Chinese wedding dresses are red, gold and silver as you can see from the photo. It symbolises luck to the wedding and to bring luck to the couple. It the photo I was indeed wearing glasses but I was only modelling my cousins glasses- it’s an Asian brand.

I didn’t wear glasses on the day because I had eyelash extensions done and they were just knocking against the lenses- annoying!!! So many cool glasses in Hong Kong and so many people wear glasses even with no lenses! It amazes me every time I am here. Hope you lot are ok back at home 😉