I have been in Hong Kong for nearly a week and now all the wedding madness is over plus my 30th birthday I can go back to what I do best which is to go shopping, sight seeing, more shopping and not forgetting glasses spotting!

At this point I want to say “Hi” This is Siu’s husband.  Siu has actually fallen asleep while typing because she is so tired from all the excitement of the past few days so I am going to take over temporarily!  The title has been written so I think I will be able to comment on it!

So many people in Hong Kong are glasses wearers.  I don’t know if it is something to do with the Asian genes but that is one theory that I have heard previously.  Be it true or not one thing I have noticed about glasses in Hong Kong is that there are so many people that do not actually have lenses in them!  There doesn’t seem to be any correlation to age/gender/profession.  Are these people trying to live up to this Asian gene theory or just trying to be fashionable?!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The fashion in Hong Kong is definitely different to the UK, they are much more daring.  This includes their eyewear with bright colours and funky patterns everywhere you look!  Glasses here really do seem to be a statement, an accessory, rather than just so they can see better.  To be honest I have to agree that yes if you need glasses it may not be ideal but why not make the most of it, make a statement, use them to express yourself and to (in the words of Siu) “Jazz up an outfit!”

I am sure Siu will be able to stay awake for tomorrows post… well that all depends how much shopping gets done tomorrow!  I will be on hand as backup though!  Just in case!