Hugo Taylor Will be Attending 100% Optical

Now there are only 10 more days to go the countdown to 100% Optical has really begun and the excitement is mounting up because pretty much everyday something new is being announced! Last week I did mention Made In Chelsea star Hugo Taylor will be exhibiting at the show launching his new collection of eyewear, Taylor Morris Eyewear. Yes, Hugo is not just a pretty face on our screens, he can design very well too. Another exciting thing I can confirm is that Hugo will also be modelling his collection of eyewear down the catwalk for us in the fashion hub but he will be wearing clothes of course- sorry to disappoint ladies.

If you want to catch Hugo in action at the fashion hub then head down to the show on 16th Feb at the 2pm show and he may bring couple of his MIC friends along too but who will it be??? Stay tuned to find out more on that!

Now we are counting down to the show I had a quick catch up with Hugo to chat about glasses, MIC AND women. Here’s how it went.

Interview with Hugo Taylor

Interview with Hugo Taylor

MGAM: You were a TV star turned eyewear designer/businessman, why the change?

Hugo: Simple! I am passionate about design, beauty and Eyewear. I find it endlessly entertaining.

MGAM: Would you ever go back to Made in Chelsea?

Hugo: At the moment I am delighted with working on Taylor Morris. I would never say never though. MIC holds a very special place in my heart and was the source of much of the success I enjoy.

MGAM: Your brand Taylor Morris Eyewear will be at 100% Optical the first London optical show, why did you decide to join?

Hugo: Taylor Morris is a British label, based in London. It was a logical choice as 100% Optical is presenting British design to a global audience

MGAM: If you need to wear optical frames what style would be your signature look?

Hugo: From our collection I would wear The Brunel. Their lines and shape complement a more formal dress code, such as my own.

MGAM: During Men Fashion Week glasses were huge; the guys always looked so hot and smart. So do you think ladies look hotter in glasses?

Hugo: The correct shape glasses can accent a face and look extremely alluring. I find it very sexy seeing a girl in glasses

MGAM: Would you ever turn down a girl because she is wearing some really awful frames?

Hugo: Hahahaha, I don’t think I am that harsh. The glasses and the clothes come off

MGAM: There are of course many celebrities out there that wear glasses, who wears them worst or who do you think could do with picking a better frame?

Hugo: I keep seeing pictures of Shia Labeouf wearing some fairly awful frames

MGAM: If you can pick any celeb to wear Taylor Morris Eyewear who would it be and why?

Hugo: Both Charlie and I would be delighted to see Keith Richards rock a pair. Kristen Stewart would also be great. She always wears very smart frames.

MGAM: How would you feel if someone is being negative about Taylor Morris Eyewear in front of you? What would you do?

Hugo: I am fairly good at taking criticism, though my friends might disagree! I am new to this business and any constructive feedback always helps develop the product further.

MGAM: Where will Taylor Morris Eyewear be in 12 months time?

Hugo: I would like to see us firmly established in The UK, USA, UAE and Australia. That on every face on the red carpet at the 2015 Academy Awards


So there we have it peeps, to sum it up Hugo likes women in glasses (good news for us ladies who wear glasses) and aww MIC has a special place in his heart- that’s good to hear. If you want to meet Hugo and see his range,  the man himself and his team will be around for the whole 3 days at stand E110. Don’t miss out!