Since I have been in Hong Kong I have noticed glasses are everywhere. Whether they are on people’s faces or on clothes. The other day before my Chinese wedding I was frantically trying to find my husband a waistcoat and during my shopping strip I came across this top on the mannequin.

From a distance I thought it was a pair of glasses hanging on the top then as I got closer it was actually gems used to create a pair of glasses. Very clever I thought because it was 3D it looked real as most t-shirts like that are just screen prints.


So yeah, glasses really are everywhere in every form because they are seen as a cool item. They seem to be the accessory to have, that is the impression I have anyway. So many shops just sell glasses without lenses and so many people wear them without lenses it’s crazy!

Lets see how long it will take before us UK lot have the kind of passion for glasses like these Hong Kong people do hey!