MGAM Sponsored PostIf you have been following me for the past few days then you know I was a busy bee covering the first ever London Optical show, 100% Optical. So how did it go? It went really well. The team behind 100% Optical are unbelievably talented and when I spoke to numerous exhibitors from Europe they all said the show is comparable to Silmo and Mido which are some of the biggest optical shows in the world that have been around for a long time. So what great feedback to get from the first show!

I really have enjoyed myself over the past few days working with the 100% Optical team and I LOVED the fact there were so many European brands there. Normally hardly any European brands come to the UK to exhibit and I think this is a very exciting step for the UK Optical market. It will only benefit us as consumers. So Over the 3 days what are the MGAM highlights?

100% Optical Day 1

On day one the atmosphere was buzzing, the fashion show with Hugo Taylor being one of the models then to end the day, a launch party to celebrate with Gary Powell from the Libertines to spin the decks for us. By the way he was amazing! Everyone had a great time at the party and I probably had too much fun with two drinks in hand at all times.

Gary Powell From The Libertines

Gary Powell From The Libertines

100% Optical Day 2

On day two I had more chance to walk around and check out some of the quirkiest eyewear brands but personally for me, listening to the founder of Red or Dead Wayne Hemingway do a talk on eyewear and fashion was the highlight of the day. It was a very inspiring talk, from how the brand started to why they started designing eyewear.  Also about how they (very quickly) became one of the best selling brands in Specsavers. I love the fact Wayne had so much passion and that Red or Dead did some of the funniest advertising campaigns back in the 80’s, I wish they do something like that now. Add some fun into it again instead of worrying about offending people. Not forgetting the HDbrows girls were there to give make up tips and advice on how to wear eye make-up with your glasses.

100% Optical Day 3

The final day was quieter but that was to be expected due to most people going back to work. Which was where the fun started for me! I went and spoke to a LOT of European brands, most of them are unheard off in the UK but they had the funkiest frames and I love them all! To my optician readers I hope you have been buying these funky frames because I know for a fact that consumers are ready and do want them! Here are some brands which I will write in depth about as separate posts otherwise this one may go on and on forever! MGAM favourite brands are Different, Jonny Coco, Frost, Munich Eyewear and Swedish Eye Market. There are probably more but these are the ones that really stuck with me.

Frost Eyewear

Frost Eyewear

In just 3 days nearly 5,500 people came to the show from independent opticians, buyers in major chains to students who are the next generation of the industry. That number is pretty impressive considering it was the first show and it has already nearly matched another UK optical show. So yes, consumers this show is the show that you should be telling your local opticians to attend.

Over the 3 days I took so many photos so I will be doing a photo gallery special to show you everything. You can see what I saw because I want to share it with you. If you are after a new pair of glasses and need inspiration then definitely keep reading the next few posts I have got coming up for you on all the MGAM favourite brands from 100% Optical. Of course, not forgetting the fashion highlights from the fashion hub and what glasses should you be wearing over the next season!