It’s here and infact it’s been here since over 2 weeks ago but over in MGAM HQ we have been so busy that we forgot to announce it but you may already have seen some in your local hairdressers, beauty salons and opticians! In this issue we have added a new section called “eye news” it has all things to do with our eyes from fashion to eyewear. We are really excited by this new section just because we feel as consumers you may not always know what is going on in the world of eyewear and what you see in your opticians may not be all you can get!

MGAM - MyGlassesAndMe Magazine Issue 4

MGAM – MyGlassesAndMe Magazine Issue 4

Apart from that, this month we have eyebrow experts HD Brows giving us advice on all things brow related and also things we should look out for as optical wearers.   I promise you I bet you didn’t even know so much goes on with eyebrows. In issue 4 we are also very excited with the interview we did with fashion stylist Kenny Ho. You can find out what a fashion stylist thinks of eyewear and how it is possibly the best accessory around!

Finally, valentines day is fast approaching so we have a page dedicated to gift ideas for your fella. In the meantime if you are heading to the 100% Optical eyewear show then I will see you there. The show will open in 2 weeks time and it is a highly exciting show to be a part of, if you haven’t registered then there is still plenty of time so do not worry! In the meantime enjoy MGAM Issue 4 and please do give us any feedback as we hope to improve it bit by bit each time!