From the start of London Fashion Week last Friday until now I have not stopped and if you have been following me then you know why. I was busy working with the very talented team behind 100% Optical. The first ever London Optical show and you know what? It was a huge success! Over 5000 visitors came and as I was chatting to exhibitors they were all pleased they came and exhibited.

I took so many photos and found so many cool quirky eyewear brands that I hope this will influence the UK optical market. The full write up will be coming your way as I will be writing it on my flight to Hong Kong. As I am writing this post I am actually waiting to board my flight!


I am going back to Hong Kong for my Chinese wedding with my family which I am very much looking forward to. I will still be blogging and tweeting Monday- Friday so you know what I get up to. Finally I get to really test out my all new Transitions lenses because Hong Kong is currently 20 something degrees! Yes!!!!

Look out for the highlights of 100% Optical over the next few days because some of the frames I saw… they are just bloody awesome and they should be in the UK pronto!