I have been back in my home town Hong Kong for just over week now and so far it has been action packed with the first 4 days taken up by my wedding and my birthday. I have a few of my friends here too so I have been a tour guide and showing them around.

This city amazes me every time and I love it here. It is always buzzing, the food, the fashion and not forgetting the glasses are just amazing! To me I don’t understand how anyone can not love this place.


However, there is one thing that bugs me about this city. The humidity! Probably because I am not really used to it anymore and also the city pollution. The humidity makes me feel I am constantly sticky and sweaty which is quite annoying when I am wearing my glasses. I have actually been wearing my glasses a lot less because of it. The nose pads keep sliding off and my nose are always oily- yuck yuck yuck! To me wearing acetate style glasses with no separate nose pads are a massive no no. They just slide off my nose and that is one of the styles I have packed so already I am one pair of glasses down!

It is funny how different climates in different parts of the world can effect us glasses wearers. Again only something that us optical wearers will appreciate!