It is exactly one week to go until Valentines day which also means exactly one week to the start of London Fashion Week and 9 more days to go until 100% Optical, so lots of things happening.  This London Fashion Week I won’t really be there to cover shows since I will be busy blogging away at 100% Optical. However, I am teaming up with Tesco opticians on the 14th to do some London Fashion Week street styling so if you are heading down then don’t be shy and get your specs out!

This will be my first Valentines day spent as a married couple so it is quite exciting and I think he has got some things planned for the evening so I am looking forward to that! So, next on my agenda is what to wear for the occasion? I have put together a quick look just as a suggestion as to what us ladies could wear for what is supposed to be the most romantic night of the year! Like it or not, this day has been happening since like forever so if you are spending it with friends you can still dress up for the occasion 😉

Valentines day  2014

Valentines day 2014

I feel a cute dress is always a winner along with a pair of killer heels but as long as you can walk in them without looking like a right idiot. The heart glasses… well they just say it all. It’s Valentines day so we have got to have something heart shaped and it might as well be your specs. Hehehe. Remember it is all about accessorising! Any outfit can be transformed with some awesome accessories.

You still have a week to get yourself a stunning outfit so don’t panic and if you can’t get to the shops then everything is just a click away! Here are all the important links to the products above.

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Marc Cain-

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