MGAM Sponsored Post100% Optical seemed so long ago now but it was only a month ago and since the show finished I was in Hong Kong for three weeks and now I feel it is time to show you some of my favourite parts of the show in photo gallery form.  100% Optical is here to stay and the team behind the show has already announced their dates for 2015 and it will be an even better and bigger show!!

If you missed it this year for whatever reason then be sure not to miss it again and keep these dates free in your diary- Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th and Monday 9th February 2015. Even though this show is new to the optical industry for the first ever London show they reached 5, 483 visitors which is a rather impressive number not to mention they throw one heck of a good launch party with Gary Powell from the Libertines spinning the decks for us.

Enjoy the photo gallery and aren’t my photographic skills improving 😉 hehe.