It didn’t seem that long ago when Heston launched his first ever eyewear collection for Vision Express and I still actually remember the launch event pretty well. Well today we saw the launch of his second collection.

The PR company was telling me since the launch of Hestons’s first collection it has quickly become one of the best selling collections at Vision Express. They are out selling some major brands- how impressive! Like some people you may ask “What does Heston know about glasses?” Well you are right, not much apart from he wears them but he has passion and is willing to learn! That’s the key here.


I am a believer that if you are passionate about something then you will succeed and I think Heston has achieved that with his eyewear range. Like his last collection he was using catering as his source of inspiration because that is what he knows best. On top of that he also takes inspiration from blowing flowers up with liquid nitrogen… as you do! However the result of that equals to pretty floral patterns on the ladies frames.

This post is just to give you a quick preview on what I got up to tonight as I am currently sitting on the train writing this. A full write up will follow so do keep an eye out for that 😉 on that note I am going to jump off the train and have some much needed dinner. Night!