I am fast approaching the end of my Hong Kong trip and yes I am starting to feel a bit sad. I love my home town and it is always sad to say bye to my family 🙁 especially my nan who is 91 years old!!!

For the first couple of weeks it went so fast with the wedding, my 30th birthday then showing my friends around. For the past few days I have actually been in and out of hospital- nothing is wrong with me don’t worry I have just been visiting a family member.


In Hong Kong lots of people actually wear a face masks on public transport to reduce the risk of passing germs on. At the moment it is high flu season in Hong Kong so it is pretty much an unwritten rule that you have to wear a mask when going into a hospital.

The very first time I went to visit I learned it was a bad idea to wear glasses with the mask! I found as you breathe in and out your lenses are guaranteed to steam up every time! The only way to avoid it is to not cover your nose which then defeats the point. As I was watching other glasses wearers clearly they feel my pain too- steamed up glasses every second. Inconvenient and a tad embarrassing when you walk into things! Haha!