Today I was pretty much in London all day. Going to meetings and also attending an event. After today’s meeting I will have some very exciting news to announce to you guys soon so stay tuned for that but in the mean time I have to keep quiet.

As I was inbetween meetings I had a little rest in Costa Coffee. A very cute little old lady sat opposite me as there were no seats left. Soon after she settled down she got her paper out and started to read. It was when she started reading I thought hum… Something isn’t quite right here.


Yes, in the very sneaky photo I took of her she was pretty much glued to the newspaper. I even tweeted that very same photo because I thought it was so adorable! However at that point my eyewear blogging instinct came and I had a real urge to ask her have you had an eyes tested recently? Have you got your glasses? Do you need new glasses OR do you want to borrow mine!?

I just couldn’t believe how close she was holding that newspaper and it makes me wonder how does she manage to see anything when she walks around? Is it just an old age thing or does she seriously need some glasses? I was genuinely worried about her that I wanted to offer her my glasses as I was pretty sure I can see better than her without my glasses. I had to dash off but I hope she found her way home ok. Lol!