Way back in February during the 100% Optical show I came across some cardboard glasses by Papp. I totally forgot about them until I was going through my hard drive over the weekend. How could I forget about them?? They are possibly one of the most unique concepts I have come across.  That is saying something as you all know I have seen A LOT of glasses during my (nearly) 3 years of writing about all things eyewear.

It probably seems bonkers to be making glasses out of cardboard because it is just not the conventional way and how could it possibly work? Well at the moment Papp have just developed a sunglasses range and the plastic film they are using as lenses is polarized with UV 400 protection AND best of all they are also scratch resistant. On the whole they are just as good as normal sunglasses offering the same protection. I remember when I was chatting to them at 100% Optical they do have plans to develop an optical range but I have to say I have no idea how that is going to work because the cardboard they are using is thin, how will they hold a prescription lens?

Papp Eyewear - Cardboard Sunglasses

Papp Eyewear – Cardboard Sunglasses

The way these Papp sunglasses are made is very clever. They are flat packed and when you wear them you simply unfold all the arms and bend the nose piece in and they are ready to wear- it almost feels like you are building your own glasses. They are easy to carry because unlike normal sunglasses Papp fold completely flat and are extremely light. They are pretty comfy to wear too and don’t worry you will not be getting any paper cuts from them because the cardboard has been treated with a special coat of paint.

Papp Cardboard Eyewear

Papp Cardboard Eyewear

The paint they have used is also weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about rain or even sweat and oil from our skin either – pretty clever hey! Personally I am a fan,  they are something different and at around £30 each you can have a collection of them and change to different styles as you please. One thing I would say is if you are clumsy and have a tendency to sit on your glasses then be careful because once you sit on them and bend them, there is no going back! Game over, time for a new pair. Check them out for yourself here.