Today has been one busy day for MGAM. Meeting with the 100% Optical team to talk about all the exciting plans for the 2015 show (by the way it is going to be a bloody good show!). There are lots and lots of exciting plans which of course we are keeping under wraps at the moment.  All will be revealed soon enough 😉

After the meeting it was no rest for the wicked and straight to press days. Today was actually Luxottica’s press day so yes I was looking at all the designer glasses. There are two things which really stood out to me from all the designers. One was the use of colour and two the use of embellishments!


The colours are so vibrant which is of course right up my street but the choice of embellishments were quite amazing! Lets just say one frame in particular cost £6000 and only 70 were made with only 2 being sold in the UK exclusively at Harrods. Now, isn’t that a wow pair of specs!

I know before I have never been a huge fan of designer glasses because the quality is never quite there compared to niche brands BUT this season they have really raised their game with the quality of components. I will of course give you a more detailed write up next week because it is now the start of the long bank holiday weekend so I am off to have some drinks with friends 😉 I will be giving myself some much deserved time off too during the long weekend so I will not be blogging tomorrow or Monday but all shall be back to normal on Tuesday! Have a great long Easter weekend everyone!