Over the past few days in the UK we have been enjoying gorgeous sunshine pretty much every day! Lets be honest- how many of you wished you were outside enjoying the sunshine and not stuck in your office? Today I read in the newspaper that apparently we should all be prepared for an early heat wave which should last for 3 months, starting now!! I wonder how true this is because you know what the weather people are like always saying there is some sort of heat wave but come next week, it rains and is miserable again! I never really want to believe them and get my hopes up.

Nevertheless spring is here and summer is fast approaching so we should embrace it and start planing what sunglasses to wear! Yesterday I was at BPR press day and one high street sunglasses brand really caught my eye! Meet Jeepers Peepers at Truffle Shuffle.

Jeepers Peepers Sunglasses

Jeepers Peepers Sunglasses

I have heard of the brand before and in fact my husband has got couple of their sunglasses but what is so great about them? Well they are affordable and accessible for everyone. They are a brand that keeps up with the current fashion trends so if you enjoy fashion but cannot afford the designer or bespoke price tags then Jeepers Peepers is your answer.

Of course the quality is at a very basic level as they start from only £9!  However, you are potentially buying something that may not be in fashion next summer so it doesn’t matter!  One thing I have always believed in is when you go on holiday it is a bad idea to take expensive sunglasses to the beach because they may get damaged or worse, lost! With a cheap pair it doesn’t matter so much and they are easily replaceable. Seriously peeps, take my advice and Jeepers Peepers will be your best friend because all their frames are bang on trend. Of course for us optical wearers you will have to wear contact lenses with them but surely that is ok? I mean even Vogue, Look and Grazia are fans of the brand 😉

Enjoy the sunshine and see you back here on Monday!