Exactly one year ago the MGAM Magazine was launched and we are now on Issue 5! It has been a learning curve but very rewarding at the same time. From issue 1 to now we have improved so much but of course there is still always room for improvement.  In issue 4 we added a new section called “Eye News” and it has been well received.

For issue 5 (because it is our anniversary issue) we partnered with Galaxy optical so it basically means if you are Galaxy optical customer then you will automatically get a copy of the MGAM Magazine delivered to you absolutely free! Over the next 365 days there will be more fashion and more specs coming your way so thank you all for continuous support!

MGAM issue 5

MGAM Issue 5

If you love specs and fashion and want to get yourself a copy then go to our online shop. It is a free magazine but if you order it online we do ask for a small fee to cover P&P cost- we hope you can understand 🙂 Have a great weekend all and I hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you back here on Monday.