Over the weekend I met up with my uni girls because 3 of us have turned 30! We felt it was time for a little celebration and just any excuse really to have a cocktail or two. Since it was our 30th’s we decided to go glam and a bit Sex and The City Stylie  (we all love SATC) so we went to the Shard for dinner and cocktails at Aqua. We were very lucky the smog had cleared and we had an amazing view! The restaurant and bar area was very dark, in fact so was the toilet but I can understand why. If it was all light inside you would not be able to see and enjoy the view at night. We were at the Shard for over 2 hours so we had been sitting in darkness for pretty much 2 hours so of course our eyes were totally adjusted to the environment.

The Shard

Aqua @ The Shard

However, when we left the Shard and jumped onto the underground that was quite an odd experience. The lights on the underground were so bright that it hurt my eyes and my head, it was such a contrast between the two environments. I felt like I was squinting to let less light into my eyes and my friends felt the same too.

I do wonder going from one extreme of lighting to another could be damaging to our eyes? Also talking about going in and out of different lighting I was watching MythBusters and they explored the reasons why pirates wear eye patches. It is not necessarily a war wound, it is because if one eye is constantly covered up in the dark when they go down below deck (which is dark) they can just switch the eye patch to the other eye which allows them to see immediately . None of this waiting for our eyes to adjust to lighting business- clever or what hey!  Give it a go!!  At night, leave the lights on, cup your hand over 1 eye to shut out all the light and keep both your eyes open.  After a few minutes switch off the lights and try covering each eye to see the difference, it really works!