Today sure was an exciting day for MGAM and it was another busy day with another event to attend. This event was all about restoring vintage frames but more on that in Fridays post.

So what is the exciting news?! Well for those of you who may not be aware there is a trend prediction company called WGSN and they are probably one of the biggest names in trend forecasting. They cover everything from fashion to the world of interior design. For the past month I have been working with the fashion accessory team to produce a report on eyewear!


The very first report has been published TODAY on the WGSN website. It is a highly exciting thing to do and a huge honour for MGAM to be working with such a huge company and talking about eyewear. More importantly it is amazing that WGSN recognise eyewear as an important fashion trend. So there we have it, eyewear is getting bigger and better! Watch this space for more possible reports for WGSN by MGAM!

WGSN is a subscribe only service so if you want to read the article you will have to be their customer. Normally only designers and buyers are their customers.  Designers so they know what to design for the next season and buyers so they will know what to buy in for the shop. It could work quite nicely for frame designers who are looking for inspiration and same goes to frame buyers!