Tonight was the launch of kite Eyewear and I was lucky enough to be invited along. Kite is definitely not your average eyewear brand, I am already in love with the brand and the people behind it. Why? Quite simple really, they believe in what I believe in and that is breaking the mould and bringing something different to the eyewear industry.

The UK optical market does need something fresh. I am very much sick and tired of seeing a local opticians with just racks and racks of glasses. Where is the fun in that? Where is the shopping experience? When you shop for a handbag or shoes you want the shopping experience and glasses shouldn’t be any different!


With Kite you are not just getting the glasses, you go in there for the shopping experience. The shop layout is very welcoming and it doesn’t feel like a typical optician. It is more like a boutique where you can shop at your own leisure.

I had a really good chat with the team behind the brand and also the founder. How they started is quite an inspiring story. I am not going to write too much now because I am on the train and on my way home but all you need to know is, great frames, good quality along with fantastic shops like you have never seem before! If you are bored of your local optician then please take yourself to Kite over in Westfield Stratford. More to follow tomorrow!