This week I guess most of my blog posts have had one thing in common and that is talking about new a breed of opticians or eyewear boutiques popping up and how that is becoming a trend itself. In my blog post yesterday I mentioned right at the end about how some local opticians have unfriendly unwelcoming receptionists and you know what I have certainly came across one today. Shocking is the word!

I had a meeting today and I thought on my way back I will drop off some MGAM magazines at some opticians on my way home. I tend to distribute the MGAM magazine myself around the Essex area just to save costs because it is bloody expensive. That is one thing about trying to be an entrepreneur, you have to be quite hands on with your business but it is a good way to meet some of the opticians and say hi. It is more personal that way.

Well today I went to Chelmsford city centre, there are about 4 independent opticians there. This particular one I went into (which is inside a shopping centre)… wow the receptionist was a tad rude. There was two of them behind the desk and they both saw me walking into the store and (both at the same time) looked down and pretended they didn’t see me. I waited at the desk for a few seconds and they still were not acknowledging my existence so I got fed up and just said “Hi, can I just leave these with you”.  Then as one of them looked up she gave me quite a unpleasant look as if to say I have interrupted her work. Now, lucky I wasn’t a customer because what kind of impression does that give out? Not a very good one that is for sure and as a receptionist… it’s pretty unprofessional too. A little warm smiley welcome never hurt anyone.

This is the exact point I have been trying to make with the posts I have been writing over the past 4 days. I have come across too many rude, snobbish opticians in my time and it is not on! A lot of people have said to me the industry is just like that, but why? Why does everyone have that attitude? Surely customers pay your wage therefore you should be extra nice to them if anything. If you are an optician, just imagine how you may feel if you were served by a very grumpy shop assistant whilst shopping? Not cool is it? I don’t understand why some opticians carry on the way they do.  Well maybe these eyewear boutique will take over and soon consumers would only part with their money in their stores. On that note, enjoy this weekend’s gorgeous sunshine and don’t forget to wear your sunnies to protect your eyes!

P.S if you want to share you own experiences with a your local opticians then please do comment good or bad experiences because I know not all of them are bad.