Do you guys remember back on one very hot sunny July day in 2013, I was up at the top of the Gherkin enjoying the relaunch of Osiris Eyewear which are sold exclusively at Specsavers? Jog your memory at all, if not click here? The range was designed by one of the worlds most exclusive fashion designers, Jorgen Simonson. If you don’t know the name that doesn’t matter because you will all probably know of his work. Do you all remember that green plunging V-neck dress J-Lo wore? Yep that was Jorgen’s creation!

Tonight I was 1 of 8 very privileged guests who got invited along to the private dinner launch of the Summer 2014 collection. It sure was different to any launch I have been to but I liked it a lot. It was intimate and I actually got to speak to Jorgen about his vision for the range which was highly interesting and I loved every minute of it.

Osiris Eyewear 2014 Launch

There is a lot of information to tell you all and I am currently on the train, at 11.50pm, going back to Essex so I will just give you all a quick preview post. For this collection Jorgen definitely got stuck in with his creative brain and he really experimented with the use of textures, different materials and the use of colours. This collection is more daring than the last which is great because you want to see more diversity with every collection.

I am totally in love with Jorgen’s passion for eyewear even though it is something fairly new to him but he has risen to the challenge and really took them on and made them his own. The shapes are all very wearable but the detailing on the frames are definitely not what you would find in a normal high street optician. I love the fact Jorgen comes from a fashion background because he puts a totally different spin on eyewear design and goes at it from a very fashion couture angle. Check out the full write up tomorrow because now it is time to jump off the train and head home to bed. Night all! x